on my mind

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Recorded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this album features countless classics and new bops that are sure to be on your mind.


Featuring Elizabeth Bode, Kambrie Riddle, Caroline Benzing, Grace Carlos, Grace Callahan, Erika Nolan, Quinn Hutchison, Emerson Adams, Shannon Dileonardi, Cate Fister, Sabrina Wrachford, Meredith Aliff & Hannah Sullivan




Comprised of three pop hits, this EP features powerful vocalists and an upbeat sound from the likes of Lorde, Camilla Cabello, and Jess Glynne.

Featuring Morgan Vince, Camille Bode, Kathy Meyer, Brooke Vespoli, Meg Hascher, Kambrie Riddle, Kenzie Shimrock, Elizabeth Bode, Caroline Benzing, Shannon Donnelly, Grace Callahan, Jordan Meyers & Erika Nolan

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soul revival


Soul Revival features fierce pop and rock classics with a contemporary twist and a unique all treble sound.

Featuring Alicia Di Scipio, Megan Maszka, Stephanie Wade, Annie Weidner, Emily Lazor, Isabelle Hanson, Katie Easton, Lauren Campbell, Audrey Seminara, Camille Bode, Kathy Meyer, Morgan Vince, Brooke Vespoli & CJ Jaros



Like country, rock, and pop? This album is perfect for you! Featuring songs such as Ex's & Oh's, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), and Painkiller with Miami's own Open Fifth, this album is filled with hits.

Featuring Alicia Di Scipio, Abby Morris, Sarah Manning, Sophia Pappageorge, Anna Beth Schneider, Rachel Herriman, Lauren Kammerling, Stephanie Wade, Emily Lazor, Annie Weidner, Kathy Meyers, Isabelle Hanson, Katie Easton, Lauren Campbell & Anna Nold

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The first Misfitz album features some of our pass down songs such as Always Be My Baby and popular pop classics.

Featuring Jenny Lewin, Tara Rissmeyer, Connie Huff, Taylor Sullivan, Sophia Pappageorge, Sarah Manning, Becky Lehmann, Audra Smith, Malloree Rice, Rachael Herriman, Anna Beth Schneider, Michelle Caballero & Emily Iwaszkiewicz